About Us



storefront-urbana-websmall2.jpgFira is a Champaign-Urbana based boutique that specializes in fashion forward, yet affordable women’s clothing, shoes, accessories and gifts.

At Fira, our goal is to create a community of confident, fashion-forward women by merging the worlds of old school customer service with today’s shopping experience.

Everything at Fira is handpicked with our customer in mind. We buy our on trend, but classic pieces in limited quantities so your style is always uniquely you.

Fira is college, Fira is exploring your 20s and a confident woman in your 30s. Fira is a young mother with enviable style. Fira is celebrating your style! 



Fira was born in 2011 out of a passion for unique style and making customers feel their best.

Fira humbly began as a traveling boutique, where owner Anna set up parties in the living rooms of central Illinois homes and sororities. From there, the boutique grew with its customers - first with a storefront in Urbana, IL in 2013, then with an online community, Fira Boutique Insiders.

 From living rooms to online retail, Fira continues to deliver a convenient, personal shopping experience. Fira is more than just a place to shop; Fira is a destination for anyone seeking fun, style and a boost in confidence.

Anna’s love for community and personal touches comes from her small town upbringing. Brought up in Paxton, IL, Anna comes from a town and family rich in Swedish heritage. It's no coincidence Fira is a Swedish term meaning, “to celebrate” - Fira is all about celebrating your style every day!